Treating Bore Water to Meet Health and Safety Standards

Bore Water Treatment

Bore water is often used for industrial and drinking water supplies.  The rising cost of town water also increases the attractiveness of using bore water for industrial purposes if it can be treated satisfactorily.

Bore water is often high in calcium, silica and alkalinity which leads to a white scale on structures. It can be corrosive due to high sodium and chloride concentrations and it is not uncommon for rust stains to occur.  Bore water can also contain E Coli and other pathogens as well as carrying unpleasant tastes and odours.

Eureka Water specialises in the treatment of bore water to drinking water or industrial standards. We can reduce minerals to any level you require for safety of people, equipment and plants. We also provide effective disinfection of your water to kill E.coli, giardia, cryptosporidium and other pathogens.


Our Experience

Do you need quality drinking water with bore water as its source? Our team is based in Townsville, however we have supplied mines, caravan parks, farms and aquaculture facilities with Reverse Osmosis systems that produce water compliant to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Our systems can remove salt, heavy metals, scaling minerals, fluoride, unpleasant tastes and odours. We also can provide the disinfection necessary to kill harmful pathogens so you can be assured of an endless supply of safe and pleasant tasting water for your home or business.

Our systems can range in size and capacity from a single house hold system through to containerised plants that can supply an entire minesite. We also conduct repairs on existing plants and can upgrade complete systems to improve capacity and water quality.

Turning bore water to quality irrigation and drinking water

Drinking Water From Bore Water

Bore Water Analysis

If you need your water sample analysed, we can provide a full suite of analysis to from general characterisation to very detailed, low level analysis including heavy metals and organic contaminants. Typically these analyses are required to design a proper treatment method to make your water suitable for drinking or industrial uses. We can also give guidance as to how suitable the water is irrigation of lawns and crops.

Our Experience Helps You

Whole of House Filtration

Some homes require filtration and UV sterilisation. We have several options available to cost effectively provide a complete system.

whole house

A Range of Filters

We have a range of filters available to best meet your needs. We also offer aftermarket fridge, coffee and ice machine filtration.

range filter

Reverse Osmosis

We have access to a full range of Reverse Osmosis membranes that can handling a range of operating conditions to suit your bore water.

reverse osmosis

Packaged Systems

We offer full supply and installation as well as repairs and upgrades to your system. We have experience with up to 500,000 litre per day plants.

packaged sys

Car Wash Water

Car washes require streak free water that is free from harmful pathogens. We have experience with supplying bore water treatment systems to suit.

car wash

Disinfection Options

Disinfection is critical to ensure the water is safe for drinking. We have experience with chlorination, bromine, ozone and UV systems.