Eliminating Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

PFAS / PFOS Remediation

PFAS has received a lot of attention due to its widespread usage and its persistent nature in the environment. These chemicals are suspected to be carginogenic and may be responsible for numerous other health issues. Unfortunately, the persistent nature of these chemicals has resulted in contamination of many sites, especially where fire fighting foams have been deployed extensively such as around military airports.

The removal of PFAS and its related compounds from ground and storm water requires the use of advanced water treatment. Most contaminated water sources can have their PFAS concentrations reduced to ppb levels using specialist filtration, activated carbons and ion exchange media.

Eureka Water and Filtration are working with several of our partner companies and can provide systems ranging from single household sizing (Point of Use) or skid mounted systems to treat larger volumes.

We are also affiliated with laboratories who can perform very low-level analysis on samples to provide certified PFAS analyses of the final water produced to ensure compliance. We can provide small pilot plants to optimise the PFAS removal process to best suit your water.


PFAS Removal & Water Reclamation