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Eureka Water & Filtration

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Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration Experts

About Us

Eureka Water and Filtration was established to meet a need for a one-stop provider for industrial and commercial water treatment systems and process filtration consumables. Based in Townsville, we provide high quality water systems and filtration products for the mining, municipalities, laboratories, commercial operations and aquaculture industries. We also assist with domestic applications and products. Eureka Water’s distributorship includes Rainman, Sartorius, Enware Safety & Pretec.

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Products & Services

Drinking Water

We specialise in providing the treatment necessary to produce high quality drinking water. If you require filtration, scale removal or chlorination, we can help.


Bore Water Treatment

Do you need to turn your bore water into drinking water? Is your bore water causing scaling and corrosion? If so, we have the experience to help.


High Purity Water

We offer ultra high purity systems for chemical and life science laboratories. We supply and service systems to meet your analytical needs. We also offer systems for medical sterilisation.


Reverse Osmosis

We supply complete RO systems for potable water production, industrial use and water recycling. We supply membranes and spares and have systems that can be hired.


PFAS Removal

We work with our partners to provide automatic systems that will remove PFAS/PFOS species from ground water and environmental waters to very low levels.


Industrial Filtration

Eureka Water and Filtration was founded to meet a niche in the industrial filtration market. We provide woven and non-woven products for dry and wet applications.


Ice Machines & Public Water Stations