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Specialists in Water Purification, Recycling and Process Filtration

Eureka Water & Filtration was formed by the bringing together of engineers and process technicians experienced in many aspects of water and process filtration.  Our team has extensive experience in the production of high quality drinking  and industrial water.  This knowledge extends to cooling towers, swimming pools, hospitals and aged care facilities.  

We also produce high qualify filtration media for industry.  Our products are typically quality certified and are suitable for disc filters, horizontal belt filters, vertical (Larox) belts, dust and liquid filtration bags.  We work closely with your team to develop the best process solution you require.

Water - Drinking and Commercial Use

Eureka Water and Filtration have enormous experience with water.  Our capabilities include design and construction of potable water systems using reverse osmosis and conventional filtration.  We also offer water and legionella system auditing, water recycling of numerous streams and dosing systems.  Our high purity systems can be used in laboratory, medical and dental applications.

Mining & Metallurgical Industries

Eureka Water & Filtration have over 50 years combined experience in various forms of process filtration. We supply media for all disc, Kelly, leaf, bag and belt filters.  We can provide a full range of materials, with over 500 different material and weave configurations as standard offers.  If we cannot provide a ready material, we can design one specifically for your application.

Core Capabilities

Process Filtration Media

EWF supply disc sector cloths , Kelly filter cloths, leaf filters & tailored covers in a full range of materials.  We offer double layer weave and scale inhibiting cloths for harsh applications.

Larox and Horizontal Filter Belts

We offer a full range of belts for HBF's, Larox and belt filter presses. We offer a large range of material compositions, weave and link patterns and scale resistant treatments.

Baghouse Filter Bags

Let EWF help you to reduce operating costs, improve gas throughput and increase operating temperatures.  We also supply a full range of cages and caps to suit.

Potable Water Desalination

Eureka Water & Filtration and design and build a complete water treatment package to suit your needs.  We offer up to 300,000 lpd plants that can turn bore or surface water into high quality drinking water.

Liquid Filter Bags & Cartridges

We supply filter bags and bag filters in a range of sizes including.  We stock several different sizes of bags and cartridges, especially for X100 and C75 sized bags and 10, 20, 40 inch cartridges.

Water Recycling

Our extensive experience with water recycling enables you to recycle cooling tower blowdown, swimming pool backwash and reduce trade waste volumes.

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