Maximise Cooling Tower Performance - Minimise Water Usage

Cooling Tower Filtration

Water Efficiency & Legionella Control

Side Stream Filtration

We are busy developing new ways developing to offer reliable, low maintenance side-stream filtration that remove harmful solids while keeping your cooling tower basin clean. The filtered water is pulsed into the basin side walls to push any accumulated fines down toward the filter intake, where they can be removed by the side-stream filter.

We can retrofit our systems to your cooling tower and can offer rental and maintenance packages to suit your budget. This helps you meet the legionella control requirements of AS3666 by reducing sludge and fouling that otherwise accumulates in the cooling tower basin. It also helps ensure heat exchangers remain clean and efficient thereby saving electrical costs.

Blowdown Recovery

Cooling tower blowdown represents a significant cost to the overall operating budget of the HVAC system. Whilst blowdown is necessary to control the cooling water chemistry, using our blowdown recovery systems enables up to 65% of the blowdown water to be cleaned and returned as makeup water. This saves on the cost of town water makeup and waste water charges.

Blow-down recovery may also help reduce corrosion in your cooling tower system. Chlorides in the makeup water can be high in some makeup water supplies and these chlorides are a key factor influencing general and pitting corrosion throughout a cooling circuit. If there is stainless steel in the heat exchangers, then chlorides can further increase the risk of stress corrosion cracking. By using blowdown recovery, the overall chloride concentration in the cooling water can be reduced and hence some of the corrosive effects mitigated as well.


Cooling Tower Efficiency and Safety

We offer performance and condition monitoring of your cooling tower and HVAC system.  We work with our clients to help identify performance improvements in that will lead to energy savings as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Cooling towers often suffer performance losses through many factors such as blinded fill, poor operating strategies and poor water distribution.  We will monitor the operating performance of the tower under different load conditions and identify ways to optimise performance of both your cooling tower and your condenser circuit, saving you money through costs.  We have experience with conducting cooling tower repairs to restore your tower to its design performance.


We can conduct legionella risk studies and identify all key methods to minimise Legionella proliferation.  We also work closely with our alliance partners to provide the necessary compliance audits and advice necessary to ensure your site operates with a low risk profile in terms of legionella and other pathogen control.