Cost Effective Process Liquid Filtration Consumables

Liquid Filtration

Liquid Filtration

Effective filtration, or solids/liquid separation, is a critical process step in a majority of mineral processing applications. Eureka Water & Filtration provide quality filtration consumables for all mineral separation processes.

Performance, reliability and cost effectiveness is the core of what Eureka Water & Filtration offer its clients. We offer high quality process filtration products for a vast array of filtration processes. Our products are tailored to suit your process conditions whilst providing a long service life that mineral processing operations require. Our supply and inventory chain enable us to offer both product and service quality at commercially attractive pricing.

Our production flexibility allows us to work with our clients to optimize their individual processes.  We can modify the permeability, the filtrate passing size, strength and wear characteristics of cloths to suit your production requirements and ore characteristics.

Typical solutions include;

  • Disc filter cloths
  • Filter Press Cloths
  • Filter Belts (Horizontal Vacuum Filters, Belt Press, Pressure)
  • Kelly filter cloths (alumina)
  • Pressure leaf filter cloths
  • Vacuum Pan filter cloths (alumina, iron ore, nickel)
  • Air slide materials

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