Save on Costs Through Water Recycling Services

Water Recycling

Do you want to reduce water consumption? Do you want to reduce the trade waste discharge costs? Let us help you achieve your goals through water recycling. We have the knowledge and the experience required to recycle waste water from your site and treat it to a condition that allows it to be reused onsite or returned to the process.

We designed and installed a swimming pool backwash water recycling system. This system achieved 95% water recovery without a loss of water quality. EFT have the capability to treat waste contaminated water from construction sites, landfill and production facilities. If you operate cooling towers, we have the ability to recycle most of your blowdown water to reduce water costs and lower trade waste charges.

Environmental treatment of waste waters from mine sites and contaminated catchments is especially important. Heavy metals, low pH, low dissolved oxygen and a high mineral content make these waters especially difficult but we can select and apply the correct treatment process to ensure effective water reuse and recycling is achieved.